Borgo Santo Pietro – Tuscany

Close your eyes… Imagine the most beautiful place in the world. You will certainly envision a beautiful landscape as far as the eye can see. The sunrise makes the morning mist cover valleys, hills, forests and vineyards. Silhouettes of cypress trees emerge. The temperature is still a bit cold but you know it will become just right. Nature is waking up. Flowers are blooming. The smell of a new energetic day. You picture yourself at an ancient villa in the Tuscan countryside. No one else around you. You experience tranquility, indulgence and comfort as all your needs will become fulfilled. Open your eyes again… Dreams can come true once in a while.

Relais Borgo Santo Pietro Tuscany

Luxury estate with wonderful gardens

Borgo Santo Pietro is a luxury estate in Tuscany close to Sienna and Florence. Once you enter through the iron gate you will experience the resort is a true world in its own. It has wonderful gardens which can take up the entire morning to walk through and discover. Every flower used in bouquets you see around the villa are picked from the hotels own gardens. The same goes for the herbs used in the restaurant.

Spa at Relais Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany


It surely is a place for relaxation. Making time to calm yourself completely down can be accomplished by visiting the spa for example. The peaceful sound of tranquil music makes you unwind while one of the many massages lets any stress completely drift away.

Rooms at Relais Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany

From grand suites to villa houses

The premises encompasses many accommodations. Upon arriving you will enter the villa through the main hall. Here you can relax in the comfortable furniture and the open fire will get you some rest. The music room next to it has the most comfortable couches. It is a wonderful place to relax even more. The villa houses three Superior Rooms, six Villa Suites and one ultimate seclusion Grand Suite. All of the interiors are exquisitely designed in a classical Italian style. Outside on both sides of the pathway towards the villa you will find the six garden suites housed in two separate buildings. We stayed in one of the garden suites. They are just as splendid as any luxurious Italian palace, each with their own garden. Like all other rooms it is equipped with all necessary modern appliances. For the ultimate experience in seclusion you need to disappear into a cocoon of sumptuous luxury. The La casa Dell’Unicorno suite will certainly fulfill your needs. It has its own private patio and garden as it is located at a Mediterranean courtyard.

Restaurant Relais Santo Borgo Pietro in Tuscany
Michelin star restaurant

For dinner you can visit, Michelin star awarded, restaurant Meo Modo. The restaurant is run by Andrea Mattei. He has made the restaurant an high-class place to dine. The use of only fresh ingredients distinguishes it from many others and most ingredients come from the premises itself. The plates are just amazing with the best tastes and textures imaginable. You can either enjoy this fine dining inside, but we recommend to have a table on the covered patio outside by the fireplace.

Gardens and Pool at Relais Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany
Cooking School

We have said you can wander the stunning gardens for hours or spend time in the spa, but there is a lot more to do. Under supervision of the hotels chef you can enjoy numerous cooking lessons. Set amidst the productive kitchen gardens of Borgo Santo Pietro, the cooking school provides the perfect backdrop for anyone looking to explore their love of Tuscan food. From classic pizza and pasta making through to more advanced gourmet classes for professional chefs, Borgo cooking school offers mouth-watering culinary journeys for cooks of all levels. The team of skilled chefs and local cooks will guide you in the joy of cooking and whatever your skill level you will leave Borgo Santo Pietro with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for experimenting in the kitchen. Besides the cooking school there are more activities in and around Borgo Santo Pietro such as: Exploring Tuscany, Art lessons, Flower arranging, Cinema Paradiso, Wine tasting and lots of sporting activities.


Relais Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany

Welcome to paradise

We know the owners have spent a lot of effort transforming this place into heaven on earth. Their determination can be experienced by all the gorgeous details that have gone into creating this paradise. The classical interior design of the villa and suites just is amazing. Every item used in creating this atmosphere is spot on. From the use of colors, materials and wood beams to the four poster beds and other comfortable furniture. Even TV screens which are covered by beautiful paintings to keep the classical feel of the suites, for example. From the landscape design and the correct choice of ornaments, pots, urns and plants to create a true Tuscan style to the team of gardeners who maintain the wonderfully designed gardens. They have been on top of everything, only then you can achieve something delightful like this. Detail is definitely the key!

Borgo Santo Pietro
Loc. Palazzetto
53012 Chiusdino (SI)
T: +39 (0)577751222