DelRey – Antwerp

DelRey, AntwerpDelRey, Antwerp
While we were in Antwerp, we stopped at DelRey to try some of their best chocolates. This lovely shop near Antwerp Central Station crafts some of the city’s most heavenly chocolate and supreme macaroons. The chocolate is nicely displayed along the counter.

DelRey, AntwerpDelRey, Antwerp
Craving for coffee, a light lunch or a sweet dessert? Try ‘The Chocolate Lounge’ next door. You can enjoy a well deserved cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea. Served with an assortment of fine chocolates or some other delicious treat.

DelRey, Antwerp
It’s true that chocolate isn’t a difficult thing to come by in this city, but DelRey is a must visit. So feel like something sweet during a day of shopping? This is just one of the best chocolate shops in Antwerp, so don’t forget to take some home. They have beautiful gift boxes as well.

Appelmansstraat 5
T: +32 (0)3 4702861