Extreme weather outerwear from Canada Goose

Travelling to the mountains in the winter, finding a durable winter coat that will actually keep you super warm and dry will be at the top of your shopping list. Also when you travel to the mountains and the temperatures start to drop and severe winter weather begins, you don’t want to be without a heavy-duty piece of outerwear. So the parkas, knitwear, lightweight down and accessories are made to be flexible and adaptable. So think reflectivity that offers visibility once the sun sets. Canada Goose is here for the journey!

Canada Goose

As our lives are made up of voyages great and small. All epic journeys across continents to the rhythm of the daily cross town commute. And at Canada Goose, they recognize that our modern lifestyles see us move frequently between urban jungles and remote wilderness. So city and nature, and we need gear that goes effortlessly wherever we go.

The company

In short Canada Goose was founded in 1957 by Sam Tick in a warehouse in Toronto, and it was originally called Metro Sportswear. And by the ’80s, people were sporting the company’s jackets in the coldest places on Earth. Also its expedition parka became standard-issue at Antarctica’s McMurdo Station. Where the scientists nicknamed it “Big Red.” And in 1982, one of the company’s jackets made it to the top of Mt. Everest on the back of Laurie Skreslet, the first Canadian to summit the mountain. And nowadays Canada Goose has found a niche between accessible outerwear like Patagonia and exclusive outerwear like Moncler and Prada.
Canada Goose

As the foundation of the brand, Canada Goose’s parkas are legendary for their performance in the harshest of winter conditions. Every Canada Goose product is designed with purpose and informed by the rugged demands of the Arctic. So, made in Canada since 1957, the precision of every cut, fold and stitch is one that’s guided by decades of experience. Finally every Canada Goose jacket passes through 13 production stages. And just as many hands, all guided by our commitment to uncompromising craftsmanship. So from zipper to button and stitch to stitch, every element is carefully chosen and meticulously put into place. And before it leaves the nest, our quality assurance team inspects every jacket by hand, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

The famous logo
Canada Goose

Initially the brand is best known for its distinctive red, white and blue circular logo, which is a “reverse image of the North Pole with the white representing the ocean. While the islands are depicted by blue patches, encircled by lines of longitude and latitude to approximate the look and feel of a traditional Arctic Map. And the outer ring of the logo contains “CANADA GOOSE” on the top and “ARCTIC PROGRAM” on the bottom, while each side has five maple leaves each. Also the badge is usually placed on the upper arm of a coat or jacket. A monochrome all-black variant of the logo is found on the brand’s Black Label Collection. This was originally to cater to New Yorkers who find the standard logo too ubiquitous.

The perfect winter & mountain parka
Canada Goose

In the first place: when choosing a winter coat it’s important to look for an option that is not only cute. But it should also be comfortable, and warm. Also fans of ski trips should find insulated options that are also weatherproof. With this in mind: do you love a solid winter coat with a furry trim? Check out the different parkas of Canada Goose.

Because the parkas and knitwear of Canada Goose are great for cold, snowy, winter days! Either way they’re waterproof, warm, & most importantly- very functional. Also: the pockets are large enough to hold your cell, keys, lipstick & gloves! And very important: the hood is large enough to actually protect your face from the wind and snow!


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