Restaurant The Forge – Miami

Restaurant The Forge, Miami, USA
Like the fine wines in their famous museumlike cellar, The Forge only improves with age. The Forge Restaurant and Wine Bar in Miami Beach has attracted A-list celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, South Beach socialites and international financiers for decades.

Restaurant The Forge, Miami, USA
There is no doubt that you come for the food. Chef Dewey Losasso, a creative genius in the kitchen, designed a menu that pays homage to The Forge’s past and highlights farm-to-table and ocean-to-table ingredients. You can’t go wrong with this menu. Chef Dewey is also a talented guitarist, so make sure to ask him to strum a few chords for you.

Restaurant The Forge, Miami, USA
The Forge
432 Forty First Street
Miami Beach, FL 33140
United States
T: +1 305 538 8533