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Movie Park Germany
Great fun for the whole family! Movie Park Germany transports you into the world of movies. With over 40 exciting attractions and shows, plus TV and movie heroes this is the place to be for a fun day with your family. The park is home to characters such as SpongeBob, Fairly Odd Parents, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Paw Patrol.

Movie Park GermanyMovie Park Germany
You will not only encounter famous TV stars in Movie Park, but also get an action-packed entertainment experience. You have to see the stunt shows! For those who like it scary there is the annual Halloween Horror Festival every October.

Movie Park GermanyMovie Park Germany
In 2017 Movie Park opened the intergalactic triple launch “Star Trek: Operation Enterprise” coaster. It takes you on a warp-speed journey into new universes thanks to a spectacular track, numerous elevations, a 40 metres-high twisted halfpipe that is unique in Europe and a 10.5-ton transfer track system. Whoaaa! This one is not for wimps!

Movie Park GermanyMovie Park GermanyMovie Park GermanyMovie Park Germany
Enjoy a fun range of activities, playgrounds, themed rides and other entertainment options for all ages. The High Fall free-fall tower is another excitement-packed attraction that plummets you down at over 100 km/h from a height of 60 metres. And the indoor coaster Van Helsing´s Factory is a high-speed vampire hunt through the darkness. The suspension roller coaster ride MP Xpress gets adrenalin pumping as it sweeps thrill-seeking guests through high-speed loop after loop.

Movie Park GermanyMovie Park GermanyMovie Park Germany
The park also caters to its smaller guests, with a total of 16 fun attractions in NICKLAND. Kids can also meet their heroes on the streets!

With their funny slapstick short films, Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote find a new home in our Roxy Cinema located on the Hollywood Boulevard. Dive right in when Wile E. builds his hilarious lunatic traps to catch the upbeat and un-catchable Road Runner. Fans who grew up watching Warner Bros.’Looney Tunes animated classics or who are discovering their timeless antics for the first time will enjoy this laughable 4D-adventure for the whole family.

Movie Park Germany
Avoid endless waiting in line: buy your tickets online and go for a speedy pass (on busy days). If you like the movies then this amusement park is the place to go when in Germany.

Movie Park Germany

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