Oesterwijf – Den Bosch

Oesterwijf normally supplies service at events, private parties and weddings across the Netherlands. As all events and parties are cancelled due to the coronavirus, Oesterwijf now delivers those amazing oysters to your home as well!


You can order on Friday and Saturday. Other days might be possible as well, just ask. Boasting a large oyster list, we think ‘Oesterwijf delivers’ is perfect for enjoying a little shellfish at home. Can’t pick one type? Order the tasting menu! The Spijsgirls will prepare and serve these delicious oysters in your kitchen or just deliver it to your doorstep. No worries, they work according to the RIVM guidelines!

Kim’s Gin Foam

Oysters have become synonymous with extravagant celebrations. What better way to celebrate life during this challenging time than to treat yourself to this ultimate delicacy? We were served with the best oysters in our apartment in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Owner Kim Marijnen brought her signature dish, the oysters with a foam of gin tonic. It was absolutely delicious. Seriously: wow! Accompanied with fresh bread, samphire butter and a bottle of the finest bubbles. Perfect evening!

Oyster lovers

No oyster lover should have to live without their favorite bivalve during this period of social distancing. Support Oesterwijf and have the most delicious fresh oysters delivered to your doorstep!

For more information or a order contact:

Oesterwijf / Spijsgirls
+31 (0)85 401 9876