Restaurant Buccan – Palm Beach

This buzzy and very popular Palm Beach Eclectric eatery has everything! The food and drinks (and the people) are worth the hype and the small plate’s concept is fun, especially if we’re out with a group.

Restaurant Bucca, Palm BeachRestaurant Bucca, Palm Beach

Buccan is named after the wooden grill used to cook food over an open fire in the Caribbean. It’s the culinary vision of chef/partner Clay Conley, who surely learned a few things about dealing with South Florida’s rich, famous, and famously entitled during his years as exec chef at überluxe Azul at Miami’s posh MANDARIN ORIENTAL. Conley’s food is the kind of casual-yet-sophisticated, chef- and ingredient-driven cuisine you’d expect to find in New York! Try the steak tartar, Brussels sprouts (made with green apples and pork bellies) and the Parmesan-dusted fries.

Restaurant Bucca, Palm BeachRestaurant Bucca, Palm BeachRestaurant Bucca, Palm BeachRestaurant Bucca, Palm Beach

Buccan’s been a smash hit on the Palm Beach scene, perpetually packed with locals and tourists experimenting with the diverse selection of rustic, seasonal dishes (many from a dramatic wood-fired grill) that range from barbecued meat & fish to custom-made olives.
This cool restaurant serves small plates in a trendy space, and the staff really cares.

350 S County Rd
FL 33480
Palm Beach
T +1 561 833 3450