Restaurant GOUD – Rotterdam

If you fancy a restaurant with a great vibe in a luxury setting, you must visit GOUD Restaurant in Rotterdam. Enjoy a delicious dinner, fabulous cocktails and good music at this trendy restaurant!

The Location & Chefs

GOUD restaurant has been located in the building on Rotterdam’s Lloydstraat. GOUD is a collaboration between chefs Herman den Blijker and Nick de Kousemaeker.

Twelve years ago, chef Francois Geurts started his two-star business FG in the building on the Lloydkade in Rotterdam. He later moved to the Hofbogen location in Rotterdam. “Geurts then started a bistro in the building and after finally settling in the Hofbogen, he sold” the key of the restaurant to Herman Den Blijker.

The GOUD Interior

Restaurant Goud is a wonderful and  true visual spectacle. You will love the interior of the new restaurant Goud. This color gold dominates directly upon arrival, but then the color palette opens completely: green, brown, cream. Almost over the top, but it’s amazing.  Top chef and TV celebrity Herman den Blijker had devised his new restaurant on the Lloydkade in Rotterdam. Against all advice from interior consultants, he continued his preference for colors and materials. The end result is a stunning combination of natural stone.

Herman and Nick have been working together for some time. Nick worked as a chef in Herman’s restaurant Las Palmas.

The Food & Wine

The atmosphere at GOUD is very relaxing. It offers a luxury, shared-dining concept with a menu of good, simple and fresh food. Its cuisine is
comprised of the best ingredients available. We really enjoyed our tasting menu and wine pairing. You know there are always some restaurants you
will remember for a long time and this is one of them. Food and wine is excellent and of high quality products.

Cocktails by Dr. Rotterdam

The cocktail bar of restaurant GOUD is in fact a collaboration with speak-easy cocktail bar Dr. Rotterdam.

We loved our dinner at Goud restaurant, the interior, the wines, the food and the fabulous cocktails!

Tip: book a stay at Hotel STROOM (only 300 meters from GOUD) for a ultimate dinner & hotel experience.


Restaurant GOUD
Lloydstraat 204
3024 EA Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 10 792 0202