Sjokolat – Antwerp

Sjokolat, Antwerp
Whether you’re a chocolate connoisseur or addict, why not spend a mouth-watering moment or two at Sjokolat and try some of the exceptional chocolates? Sjokolat is located in a beautiful a street in the historical centre of Antwerp.

Sjokolat, AntwerpSjokolat, Antwerp
It offers a large collection of contemporary chocolates, truffles, and chocolate bars in a huge variety of flavours. From all-time favorites like a rich salty butter caramel to tempting ganaches with an infusion of flowers, spices or fruit.

Sjokolat, Antwerp
We absolutely loved the bar of dark chocolate covered with speculoos crumbles and pieces of raspberry. What a treat! The box with 20 assorted chocolates is the perfect gift. So much different flavours. Traditional, fruity or exotic. With a dash of liqueur or a little spicy. We loved them all! The chocolate truffles are handmade according to Belgian craftsmanship, using only the most tasteful and best ingredients, without any addition of preservatives. Or try the Flower Power chocolates. Ginger, candied chilli, mint, lavender, geranium, pink pepper, poppy, earl grey tea, fennel, violets, roses, and more. All chocolates are handmade according to absolute artisanal traditions using only the finest natural ingredients.

Sjokolat, Antwerp
Don’t miss out on this delicious chocolate when visiting Antwerp!

Hoogstraat 33
2000 Antwerp
T: +32 3 808 04 49