The Breakers – Palm Beach

You think you have seen it all and then you visit The Breakers. I think we have a new benchmark, what an amazing property The Breakers is. Originally established by the famous industrial Henry Flagler, who pioneered developing the Florida East Coast, it has a very rich history.

The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
The Breakers’ location as a resort dates back well over a hundred years. Unfortunately two previous hotels burnt to the ground. The current hotel was built in 1926. It took workers only 11 months and 2 weeks to rebuild and is modeled after the Villa Medici in Rome. Straight away you will be amazed by the most beautiful hand painted ceilings imaginable.

The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
The grand halls, restaurants and ballrooms are equally decorated. It is really like entering an Italian Palazzo. The grounds are evenly beautiful as the inside. The landscaping is in pristine condition. From the gardens to the pools everything is immaculate and clean.

Hotel The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
We started our visit with a poolside lunch at the Beach Club Restaurant. The food here was tasty and delicious. The cocktails were very good as well. For a little more upscale casual lunch you have to visit The Ocean Grill, located at the golf course overlooking the 10th green.

Hotel The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
At night we had dinner at HMF, named after their founder Henry Morrison Flagler. It is one of their eight restaurants and our favorite already. The classic cocktails play tribute to the originals. The menu reflects global influences, elements of the gourmet food truck and fresh seasonal and local flavors. Plates are designed for sharing. The atmosphere is amazing. As they call it, “the ambience brings an ode to the golden era Palm Beach with all of its high style and decadence”. To not let you dwell to much in the past it has an amazing modern interior. The old and new mixes together very well. We think the music is a great contribution to that as well.

Hotel The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Some of the other restaurants include Italian and Asian cuisine. Additionally you can choose between a seafood bar, steakhouse, Mediterranean for dinner.

Hotel The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Hotel The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
The Breakers has all latest amenities. The staff here is extremely kind and helpful. We absolutely recommend you to stay at this wonderful resort next time you visit Florida.

The Breakers
1 S County Rd
Palm Beach, FL 33480
United States
T: +1 561 655 6611