Whitepod – Lake Geneva

Whitepod, Switserland

Pioneering concept featuring architecturally fascinating high-tech tents, the “pods”, which are separately sitting on wooden platforms. Surrounded by nature at 1,400 metres above sea-level, with magnificent and unobstructed views of Lake Geneva.

Whitepod offers a . A hi-tech eco camp for just 30 guests situated over 1700m high in the Swiss Alps, offering the ultimate in luxury and adventure.

Whitepod, Switserland
Whitepod, Switserland

Whitepod offers a high-tech solution to the challenge of creating a different, eco-friendly way of catching up with yourself, in the natural beauty of the Swiss alps both in Winter – and SUMMER ! The resort has left little mark on the environment, but made a great mark in eco tourism – Winning the Responsible Tourism Award for Innovation.

Whitepod hotel - winter - terrace two chairs

Whitepod, Switserland

The 15 geodesic dome pods that make up Whitepod have been equipped with traditional furnishings and high quality insulation, which coupled with a simple wood burning stove keeps you comfortably warm in winter and cool in summer. Each pod sleeps up to 4 and is individually decorated. It contains a fully equipped bathroom with shower, toilet and sink, directly hooked up to a private water source. The pods are lit by lanterns. Covered with white canvas in the winter and green in the summer, they blend perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

The main chalet houses the dining and spa facilities.

Les Cerniers
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