Hotel V Nesplein – Amsterdam

Hotel V Nesplein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam blood runs through the hotels veins. With hard work 11th generation Amsterdammers built something unique here. They created an industrial feel mixed with sheer luxury. Especially experienced when using the restaurant ‘The Lobby’. The menu is not that extensive but every item on it is prepared perfectly nonetheless.

Hotel V Nesplein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Natural materials like wood, steel and dark colors welcome you upon entering the lobby. In contrast to these earth tones a massive chandelier hangs from the ceiling almost touching the floor. Its crystals and gold sparkle an array of colored light trough the reception area. It brightens up your day immediately. Kind and helpful staff helps you check in and assist you along with all necessary information about the vibrant city of Amsterdam. They can recommend you the best places to go to. There is just so much to do and see in this wonderful city.

Hotel V Nesplein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The hotel has 3 room types with of course the suite being the biggest. All rooms are equipped with essential amenities, like coffee machine, wifi, minibar and so on. We can think of hotels with a magnificent view, but don’t be disappointed the view here won’t be one of the famous canals. Amsterdam consists of many narrow streets constructed centuries ago so instead the view here is just other buildings.

Hotel V Nesplein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Breakfast is served in Restaurant The Lobby which has a bar, cozy fireplace with reading area and a terrace overlooking the Nesplein. For breakfast not a buffet this time, yey. A la carte is what you get. This means every item on it is freshly made. No need to get frustrated with others cutting in line at the buffet. Compared to other hotels this really is relaxing for a change.

Rooms are clean and good. The restaurant is the best. Experience Amsterdam like the locals. We had a great time here!

Hotel V Nesplein
Nes 49|
1012 KD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)20 6623233