Rent a bike at Valencia Bikes

Valencia Bikes, Valencia, Spain
When you travel, consider a bicycle tour as a way to maximize your experience. A bicycle tour is just the best way to explore a city. More efficient and covering more ground and material than walking. And providing a much more intimate experience than a mass transit solution like a bus or a boat tour.

Valencia Bikes, Valencia, Spain
Valencia is a completely flat city with a network of more than 120 km of bicycle lanes, which means it is ideal for cycling.

Valencia Bikes, Valencia, Spain
Valencia is also home to the world’s most impressive green bicycle path: the Turia gardens. This large ancient riverbed that crosses Valencia is a paradise for cyclists!

Valencia Bikes, Valencia, Spain
At Valencia Bikes you can book a Private Bike Tour. The tour starts at whatever time you want, from wherever you are, in your language and including the parts of the city which you prefer.

Valencia Bikes, Valencia, Spain
Or you can book the Daily Bike Tour to get a first impression of the city, touring the most important attractions and getting one’s bearings, as we can visit the Turia Gardens, the historic center and the City of Arts and Sciences.

Valencia Bikes, Valencia, Spain
Valencia Bikes has three strategically located shops: one next to the Turia Gardens, one in the historic center, and another one in Ruzafa neighbourhood. In this way, you can rent a bike at one shop and return it at the other.

Valencia Bikes Turia Gardens
Passeig de la Petxina, 32
46008 Valencia

Valencia Bikes Historic Centre
Carrer de la Tapinería, 14
46001 Valencia

Valencia Bikes Ruzafa
Carrer de Cuba, 24
46006 Valencia