GaiaZOO – Kerkrade

GaiZOO: the Coolest Zoo


GaiaZOO zoo was elected ‘Coolest Trip of the Netherlands’ in 2013 and 2018 thanks to a new and unique zoo concept! At GaiaZOO you can make a trip around the world in just one day; you can feel like you’re on the African Savannah and meet the world’s most beautiful animals, like the mighty gorillas, impressive rhinos, stately giraffes, lightning-fast cheetahs and the kings of the animals; the impressive lions.


Discover all sorts of swinging and climbing monkeys in the Rainforest; in the squirrel monkey forest, the monkeys climb through the branches above your head. What an experience!



For the smaller kids GaiaZOO also offers a real play paradise: the giant DinoDome; Europe’s largest indoor Dino Play Park. In this amazing JungleTour they can climb
over exciting rope bridges and high climbing towers. the DinoDome you go on a voyage of discovery about one uninhabited island, where the extinct dinosaurs come back to life. Kids can enjoy climbing, sliding and playing in the vast nettle forest. In the open air you will find a nice playground and the JungleTour where you you can climb and slide between the trees.


Next to the DinoDome you’ll find the beautiful outdoor playground as well as a nice petting zoo. Little kids can cuddle the cute animals as much as they like at the petting zoo.
Open every day of the year from 10.00 o’ clock.

Nature & Zoo


A modern zoo like GaiaZOO has besides making it possible contact between humans and animals, a number of important objectives. Education about animals and nature and species conservation are just like that important.

Eye to eye


In GaiaZOO you’ll stand eye to eye with the world’s most beautiful animals. Closer to the gorillas or the lions really do not dare you and in the skull of the dead monkeys climb the monkeys even above your head through the branches.


Be amazed by the beautiful and unique animal species in GaiaZOO live in a very natural environment. Truly the most beautiful Zoo we have ever visited!

Dentgenbachweg 105
6468 PG Kerkrade
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031 45 567 6070