Hotel The Dylan – Amsterdam

When visiting Amsterdam you know you are visiting a city with a rich history. Just visit the National History Museum and you will witness centuries of fine art. The same counts for the wonderful 5 star luxury boutique hotel The Dylan.

Hotel The Dylan in Amsterdam

The site has a tremendous history. It started out as a theater where even Vivaldi once made an appearance. Sadly at the end of the eighteenth century it burnt down to the ground. Once again the site was developed into a place where people would gather. This time the catholic church constructed a place for the old and poor. After they held on to the property until 1998, new owners turned it into a hotel; The Blakes. It later became the beautiful hotel The Dylan, as it still is today. You see… a whole lot of history.

Hotel The Dylan in Amsterdam

The hotel prides itself on the personal service they provide and they have every right. The staff is well prepared and super friendly. Check-in is easy and after a small tour you will be taken to your room.

Hotel The Dylan in Amsterdam

The rooms have different designs. A hand full of well known designers have created atmospheres that make you feel comfortable and at home. All amenities are available and the beds sleep so well you’ll wake up feeling so refreshed in the morning.

Hotel The Dylan in Amsterdam

At day’s end dine at the Michelin starred restaurant Vinkeles. It is a destination unto itself. Set in a sunken dining room surrounded by original 18th century ovens and with views overlooking the garden, the restaurant offers an intimate and elegant setting. For informal dining, Brasserie Occo is the place to be. It is used for breakfast and lunch as well.

Hotel The Dylan in Amsterdam

If you are ready to relax and hungry for a cocktail you will only have to take a few steps to the beautiful bar or fireplace.

We absolutely recommend you to stay at this wonderful hotel next time you visit Amsterdam.

The Dylan
Keizersgracht 384
1016 GB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)205302010