Pairi Daiza – Brugelette

Dreaming about a world trip in complete safety, close to home? It is now also possible! Visit the fabulous zoo Pairi Daiza and stay in one of the 50 new rooms, including underwater view of polar bears and walruses! Pairie Daiza: a wonderful and luxury zoo in Belgium.

photo credit Pairi Daiza

This beautiful zoo has grown into a ‘Garden of the Worlds’ over the years, and has been voted Best Zoo in Europe in 2018 and 2019 at the famous Diamond Theme Park Awards. And when you stroll true this amazing zoo you’ll definitely understand why! Visiting the 8 different areas, all representing different parts of the world you’ll feel like you’re on a world trip! All area’s are amazing and complete with the most beautiful buildings, trees, flowers, music and off course the animals! Pairi Daiza is so much more than just a zoo!

Travel around the world

Pairi daiza started in 1994 as a bird park and has grown within the years into a huge zoo. Located in the Belgian province of Hainaut on the grounds of the old Cambron Abby (you’ll find many old buildings on the site). The first visitors discovered here mainly an ornithological garden on the abandoned site of the Domain of Cambron.

The 8 area’s of Prairi Daiza:


Just like Indonesia! In this magic area you’ll find the Temples and the places of the gods. Sacred architecture at the service of man and the deities they worship: Ganesha, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu and Buddha. Lush vegetation and beautiful views of elephants & the stunning white tigers!


In the heart of China! Amongst respect for tradition, ancestral customs and profound wisdom you’ll discover a fascinating civilization where the giant panda has stolen the show from the legendary dragon. Here, harmony reigns supreme and the enchanting gardens reflect a culture that has made beauty its hard-and-fast rule. Walk by amazing temples, enjoy the most beautiful trees & flowers and stare at the cutest panda bears you’ve ever seen!


Remote regions, white ice floes & green tundra! We start to imagine that we are pioneers, gold diggers, trappers or intrepid reporters. Here in La Terre du Froid, you will meet walruses, polar bears and the magnificent Siberian tiger.


Sweet fragrances and peaceful gardens will bring you back to the past! Cambron-L’Abbaye, Pairi Daiza’s first World, eases you gently into your visit with some lovely surprises. The focus here is on learning while having fun. The cute petting zoo allows the smallest kids and their parents to get up close to the farmyard animals and other residents of this mini-paradise in the courtyard of the former farm of Cambron Abbey. We loved the old ‘French’style of the building and the amazing flowers in this area.


The World of Silence comes to the chateau! Air, water, earth. At Cambron-by-the-Sea, you can be a seabed explorer, an intrepid diver or a long-distance sailor. Embark on a strange and enchanting journey into the heart of a castle and uncover all its secrets. Amazing discoveries, incredible fish and stories of the deep that will delight young and old alike.


Africa: rhythms, shapes and colors! Here you’ll  find big cats, majestic beasts and amazing primates. These amazing animals all have their territory. But brotherhood was established, in the shadow of the huts of a builder people, virtuoso’s in ethnic art. We have so much to learn from the Country of Origins!


Antipodean mystery and intrigue! From these distant lands, the cradle of the world, rise strange cries and melodies that are unlike anything heard elsewhere. The soil is red, populated by creatures that appear to be straight out of prehistoric times. Feast your eyes on wildlife and flora from Tasmania, New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea and let yourself be overwhelmed by its wild extravagance and beauty.


A sacred land surrounded by the grandeur of nature, a place where you can now sleep and dream! This is the newest area of the zoo. Indian totem poles carved with animal figures, brown bears, black bears, pumas, elk, wolves, beavers and sea lions…we are in British Columbia and southern Alaska. Unique hotel offers provide us with a wonderful experience in this New World, the Pacific coast of North America.


The Amazing Pairi Daiza Resort

From giant pandas to Sumatran orangutans, over Western lowland gorillas to sea dragons, Asian elephants and Tasmanian devils. Of course, this fascinating universe deserves so much more than just a day visit. That is why Pairi Daiza offers you a new, fantastic opportunity. You can stay in the heart of the zoo! How amazing is that!

A magical Zoo sleepover and get to experience behind the scenes at Pairi Daiza after everyone else has gone home. It is finally possible!  After all, in Pairi Daiza you will stay in the heart of the animal park and enjoy a luxurious and unique experience.

The overnight accommodations are situated in The Land of the Cold and The Last Frontier. These 2 worlds are open 24 hours for resort-guests. During your stay you will get out and about in the Zoo after the other visitors have gone. See what happens behind the scenes at the zoo and tempt one of the amazing animals with a night-time snack.

The next morning you get to see what happens at the zoo before our visitors arrive and make a special gift to keep our animals stimulated and happy, with your adventure ending as we open the doors at 9.30 am. Good to know: during your stay breakfast and dinner is included!

The Full Moon Lodge

We had the amazing opportunity to stay at one of the 10 Full Moon Lodges, where you fall asleep near the bears & wolves. A lush, characterful lodge with a breathtaking view of our large mammals. The Full Moon Lodge can accommodate up to 6 adults, 1 child and 1 baby. The Full Moon Lodge is an ultimate experience!
Each lodge consists of two rooms, a luxury lounge with fireplace and big window with the best view, a bathroom with Jacuzzi and sauna (also with view!) , a kitchen and a separate toilet.

The Full Moon Lodge was the best! But there are more fabulous stays possible: all stylish and luxury and with a privileged view.

The other amazing accommodations:

Polar Bear House: you like to see the polar bears walking around? Or would you prefer to see them swim by from the rooms with underwater view?

Native Village: these wooden houses have been designed with respect for the Indian traditions and can comfortably accommodate up to 6 adults, 2 children and 1 baby.

Tiger House: dreaming of a close encounter with the largest felines on our planet? Experience unforgettable moments with these impressive but unfortunately also with extinction endangered predators.

Paddling Bear Hotel: this elegant hotel has 18 family rooms (up to 4 people and 1 baby) and 8 double rooms (up to 3 people + 1 baby). These accommodations are unique due to the exceptional proximity of the sea lions.

Walrus house: this colossal marine mammal is quite an impressive appearance. From our rooms with underwater view you will be completely immersed in their biotope.

Paddling Bear Lodges: luxury and romance are central elements in these four accommodations of the Pairi Daiza Resort. Each of these four lodges has a comfortable living space, a private sauna and a spacious terrace that offers a beautiful view on the largest sea lion species in the world.

Penguin House: Penguins are outsiders in the large bird family. Our large ice floe will welcome different species of penguins. There are two types of rooms to observe these cheerful animals: rooms with standard view and rooms with underwater view.


Pairi Daiza
Domaine de Cambron
7940 Brugelette